Sneaker Freaker

The naughtiest shade to date! Working with Woody on this was an absolute delight. I’m not sure if this man ever sleeps as every time I sent an email with an update on the progress or any suggestions on colourways, he was on it! Replying straight away is no mean feat considering Sneaker Freaker is based in Melbourne, which also makes this shade the furthest travelled yet! It was obvious we had to clash it rather than match it, hence using the flouro orange lace trim, which works superbly against the grey marl lining. If there was a prize for the best lamp base, Woody you’d win it!!

Dimensions: 40cm w x 33cm h x 40cm d


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"A brilliant present - personal, unique and very stylish. Such a clever idea!"

Kate Burt 
writer for the Independent and Your Home is Lovely