Belle & Vidére commision for Sneaker Freaker Magazine

There’s always one and this ones not for the faint-hearted!

The naughtiest shade to date! Working with Woody on this was an absolute delight. I’m not sure if this man ever sleeps as every time I sent an email with an update on the progress or any suggestions on colourways, he was on it!

Replying straight away is no mean feat considering Sneaker Freaker Magazine is based in Melbourne, which also makes this shade the furthest travelled yet!

If there was a prize for the best lamp base, Woody you’d win it!!

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Nike Oregon Duck T Light

Comission by Rosie Lee for Nike UK


J Dilla saved my life commission for Charlie Dark 

The simple black and white graphics of the T makes a very strong statement hence the decision to line the shade with a white airtex and using a black and white trim on the inside of the T-Light, so as not to take anything away from the graphics of the T Shirt. Doing commissions such as this reiterates the reason B&V started to make T-Lights, they celebrate and capture a specific time, memory and a moment and that for me is what makes them so special.



Cycle Jersey T Light Collection for Hoxton based Cyclelab

Belle & Vidére were commissioned to produce five Cycling Jersey T-Lights for the revamped and newly extended Cyclelab in Shoreditch.

Being asked to execute T-Lights for such purists meant it was important to keep as many significant features from each Jersey as was possible, hence keeping the zips in!

The colours in the Jerseys are amazing it was a delight to work with such a vibrant mix and even when not lit these shades will catch the eye.

Thanks to Fin and Krisz for allowing Belle & Vidére into your lab!


Belle & Vidére featured in The Independent 

"Belle & Vidére, purveyors of bespoke illuminations, pride themselves on transforming "the most unexpected items" into lampshades. With their 'T-lights' collection they have truly surpassed themselves. Send them your favourite retro T-shirt and they will turn it into a lamp. Perfect for the homeowner who likes to illuminate and amuse in equal measure."

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Belle & Vidére featured on Crooked Tongues

"We've fallen off. We're covering lampshades here. And people complained when we put Clarks on the site. But seeing as somebody behind Belle & Vidére is a friend of CT and we were feeling this re appropriation of vintage Nike, the T-Lights warrant an extra spotlight. We've hit an age where we can't festoon our homes with vinyl figures and shoe-related posters, and wearing clothing that references footwear is a dicey business. We have to find different ways to represent that addiction in our living quarters beyond the stacked boxes. Belle & Vidére are creating some artisan lampshades..."

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Interview with Weheart

"Mandy Fleming’s Belle & Vidére is a fledgling interiors company with a focus on a craft oft-overlooked in these modern times; the humble lampshade. With more than a healthy dose of quintessential Britishness, Fleming is giving the chintz icon a new lease of life – not least in her T-Light collection, where the designer gives purpose to the dusty old t-shirts that you simply can’t bring yourself to throw away ... "

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