Another shade has landed in NYC!.

B&V were requested to do this commission by a client stateside. At the time they had no idea of what T they would like to have transformed for the birthday lady but they knew they wanted a T-Light. We decided on sending a gift card to the recipient and letting them choose the T they would like to have made into a shade and Biggy was their choice!

It always make she smile when clients go to such lengths to ensure they give the perfect gift.


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The Miami Hurricanes T-Light is now residing in New York City.

The recipient is apparently a fan of the mens basketball team and the client who commissioned the T-Light sourced the T-shirt from the states, had it shipped to the UK and once it was transformed into a shade it was then delivered back to the US by hand, by the client! A well travelled T-shirt indeed!

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Belle & Vidéres Boutique Fade Mini featured in Living Etc

To have one of your products featured in such an influential publication as Livingetc is one thing but to have them note it as a Livingetc loves is another. Thank you ladies Limelace and Livingetc for going to such great efforts in getting the product shot, your endeavours are appreciated. Now B&V best get making…...

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Belle & Vidére now available on Not on the Hight Street

B&V were flattered to be invited to join NotOnTheHighStreet.com The exquisite Belle & Vidére shades you find on notonthehighstreet.com are limited editions, producing no more than six shades of the same design, ensuring customers have that exclusive touch.

The Varsity shade allows customers to personalise the piece with a specific letter choice making it a very special gift for any member of the family or special friend that appreciates fun, stylish and contemporary lighting. B&V are now designing new pieces specifically for notonthehighstreet.com and will look to add these over the next few weeks. This is a great opportunity and the perfect marketplace for B&V Ready Made Collections to grow.




Belle & Vidére Boutique shades now available on Lime Lace

Eclectic interiors are what Belle & Vidére feel most at home with. Our Boutique Mono and Fade collections can now be found at the Lime Lace Eclectic Interiors. Limelace is one of those places that makes you hyperventilate because there are so many must have items and B&V are chuffed to be part of such a diverse boutique.



Belle & Vidére Boutique Fade shades now available on French Bedroom Company

Belle & Vidére Boutique Fade is now sitting rather proudly amongst other beautiful and carefully selected pieces found at the French Bedroom Company. French Bedroom Company offer the most elegant of items for the home and it is not difficult to see why they were awarded CoolBrands 2013/14.



Traces at Holdrons of Peckham

B&V were intrigued when they received an invitation to show the Glass Beaded Collection at Traces - London 2014 and our curiosity of interest was not disappointed.

Traces not only provide a unique platform for up and coming artists to showcase their work, they really do capture the essence of a time and of a place, creating a consummate sensory experience for both designer and viewer. 

See ticket infomation here.


Belle & Vidére featured in Living Etc

What a great start to the new year for B&V. LivingEtc is one of those mags that sends you off in a world of interior fantasies and possibilities. To see the Boutique shades featured in Februarys issue was a real moment. The feature is styled so beautifully and gracefully and the way in which the Boutique shades have been incorporated is utter perfection. Thank you LivingEtc for grasping Boutique and creating the most befitting setting indeed.

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A shade for England.

B&V we're commissioned to make a T-Light for the Nike box at Wembley Stadium by design agency Rosie Lee. Making this T-light had it's challenges albeit very welcome ones. B&V were requested to incorporate the St George Cross detailing and to ensure that all the fineness and attention to detail that Nike had given the t-shirt were intergrated in the execution of the T-Light. Well, this has resulted in one of the most detailed T-Lights to date. The shade is accompanied by B&V's bespoke lamp stand, painted in the perfect match of navy found on the t-shirt and finished off with a red and white fabric flex.


Belle & Vidére featured in Shanghai's The Bund Magazine

For those who love the latest fashion clothes for people who, increasingly The more cumbersome old T-shirts into account for wardrobe space. Direct throw To trash that waste, take second-hand fine-consuming auction Force. From UK designers Mandy Fleming proposed The "Belle & Vidére" of planning (meaning "Beauty & Vision"), the old T-shirt potential re-energize. screened Old T-shirts provided by recycling channels, each one in a fully After the hand-cut and processed according to transparent and draw patterns different weight on the job throughout the lamps in the living room. Clothes In the play itself, the effect of shade, but also become a fun and chic decorations. Look at their own bedroom closet, did you have A beautiful shade can be used to recycle and reuse it?



Pixies Planet of Sound T Light commission

The making of the T-Light was easy in comparison to the challenge the client had in getting the shade to France without the recipient noticing. The T-Light was going to be presented and reside in the couples holiday home, apparently the birthday boy had no idea that the large unaccounted for box would contain his birthday surprise… Making bespoke T-Lights such as this epitomises the many reasons I love transforming loved T-Shirts into shade.


New & Lingwood, Jermyn St installation

Being asked to work on a project with such an established and well respected gentlemen's outfitters in England was considered a compliment.

The shades are made from the The Skull and Crossbones silk satin which is handmade in England, it is absolutely sumptuous and a real treat to work with.

New and Lingwood requested the lamp bases match the colour of the lining on each shade, which provides each lamp with a very individual and flamboyant presence. New and Lingwood are the epitome of British craftsmanship using traditional skills and crafting their products to sit confidently in a modern world, which is something that Belle & Vidére strive for.

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Introducing Fade at Tent London

Belle & Vidére are at Tent London and would love for you to visit us. We will be presenting some of the Glass Beaded collection and introducing Fade – the latest addition to the Boutique range.

You will find us at Stand B03 Hall T2, Old Truman Brewery.



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Tent London

Belle & Vidére are pitching up at Tent London
Stand B03 Hall 2. 19-22 Sept Exciting times!