What are your lead times?

  • Our typical lead times are 3-5 weeks from receipt of payment.

Do you do lampshade recovers?

  • Yes, Belle & Vidére do recovers as long as the frame is in a reusable condition. If the frame itself is in a poor condition we can have them duplicated by the frame maker as a bespoke order. Alternatively, if the frame matches any in our stock we can quote for this accordingly.

What is your minimum order value for bespoke orders?

  • Belle & Vidére have no minimum order value.

If I supply my own fabric, what happens to the excess when the lampshades are finished?

  • Any fabric provided by the client that is left over once we've made your lampshades will be packaged with your shades and delivered together.

Why are your lead times so long?

  • Belle & Vidére work to an exceptionally high standard and commands a perfect finish to all pieces. The level of craftsmanship is exemplary and every piece is constructed by hand, which inevitably takes time.
  • The first step is to make up the frames, this alone can sometimes take up to two weeks. Once frames are ready each frame is then hand bound in preparation for the stretching of fabric.
  • Fabric is stretched over the frame by pinning the fabric by hand. It is then removed and prepped for fitting. The fabric is then stretched over the frame and pinned again then hand stitched to the bound frame. This process is carried out twice, once for the lining and again for the cover. All trimmings are sewn on by hand to ensure the high-end finish Belle & Vidére demand of their products.
  • We can at times offer a shorter lead time, please contact Belle & Vidére to discuss the possibility of this, we are always happy to accommodate our clients whenever possible.

How do I order bespoke shades from you?

  • An initial consultation takes place to discuss your requirements and to ascertain your specific needs.
  • From there we decide on fabrics, frame shape and base fittings if required.
  • If the client is to provide the fabric, the fabric or samples of will be requested. If the commission is for a T-light the client will be requested to send the t- shirt at this stage.
  • If Belle & Vidére are providing the fabric you will receive samples.
  • Once fabric choice has been confirmed we will concentrate on the trimmings, if you have specific trims in mind we will endeavour to source these for you or you may wish to receive recommendations from Belle & Vidére in either case we will provide you with swatches for you to make your decision.
  • If a base is to be commissioned, all lamp fitting specifications are usually decided at this point if not previously confirmed.
  • Once we have established all the design elements and are ready to start with the making a 50% deposit will be required.
  • A bespoke piece will usually take 2 to 6 weeks to make, depending on the design specifications. You will be advised of timelines once a final decision has been made on all elements of your commission.
  • Belle & Vidére are happy to email you images of the different stages of the making of your commission if you so wish, some clients like to feel part of the whole process, where others like to wait until the commission is delivered to them, your choice entirely.
  • Final payment is politely requested before delivery.

Can I use my own material?


  • Absolutely, if you see anything you like in the Ready Made section but would like it made in the fabric of your choice, providing we have the frames in stock Belle & Vidére will be more than happy to use fabric provided by the client.
  • If a specific frame shape is required this will be processed as a bespoke order.

How Do I Order a T-Light?


  • T- Lights are mostly bespoke but Belle & Vidére find the urge to turn particular T-shirts into shades a little too tempting at times, so you will find the occasional readymade T-Light available to purchase directly from the website.
  • If you have a specific t-shirt in mind we will require a photograph and some basic measurements of the t-shirt and the graphic, this will allow us to establish the frame shape required to transform the t-shirt into a T-Light.
  • When a frame shape has been decided we will request the t-shirt from you. You are responsible for the delivery of the t-shirt so please you send recorded delivery if you have decided to post rather than use a courier.
  • Once we have the t-shirt we will ensure the frame shape we have suggested to you is still the most suitable, we will communicate to you any changes we need to make to frame shape at this point.
  • Belle & Vidére will send samples of linings and trims for you to choose and once we have confirmation of your choice we will prepare and send out a final quote.
  • Once we have established all the design elements and are ready to start with the making, a 50% deposit will be required.
  • A T-Light will usually take 3 to 6 weeks to make, depending on the design specifications. You will be advised of timelines once a final decision has been made on all elements of your commission.
  • Final payment is politely requested before delivery of your T-Light.
  • Belle & Vidére are also happy to source T-shirts for you but cannot guarantee finding the exact t-shirt, this will also be at an extra cost.
  • Belle & Vidére have a small but eclectic collection of t-shirts available for you to choose from. If you are interested, please email: info@belleandvidere.co.uk and we will send you images of the current collection.
  • If youre considering commissioning a T-Light please email: info@belleandvidere.co.uk